For the October 2006 elections, Lula's Workers Party forged an alliance with the Brazilian Republican Party, which the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, one of Brazil's largest pentecostal churches, helped organize in 2005.
The Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus (God's Kingdom Universal Church) uses the party to elect its bishops in Brazilian elections. Its most important members are former Vice-President José Alencar and Rio de Janeiro (state) senator Marcelo Crivella, nephew of Universal's leader Edir Macedo.
Brazilian Republican Party
Capitalism is incompatible with a truly ecological civilization because it is a system that must continually expand, promoting consumption beyond human needs”
...”a civilization must develop a new culture and ideology based on fundamental principles such as substantive equality. It must (1) provide a decent human existence for everyone: food, clean water, sanitation, health care, housing, clothing, education, and cultural and recreational possibilities; (2) eliminate the domination or control of humans by others; (3) develop worker and community control of factories, farms, and other workplaces; (4) promote easy recall of elected personnel; and (5) re-create the unity between humans and natural systems in all aspects of life, including agriculture, industry, transportation, and living conditions. an ecological society is one that will need to be the opposite of capitalism in essentially all aspects. It would: (1) stop growing when basic human needs are satisfied; (2) not entice people to consume more and more; (3) protect natural life support systems and respect the limits to natural resources, taking into account needs of future generations; (4)make decisions based on long-term societal/ecological needs, while not neglecting short-term needs of people; (5) run as much as possible on current (including recent past) energy instead of fossil fuels; (6) foster the human characteristics and a culture of cooperation, sharing, reciprocity, and responsibility to neighbors and community; (7) make possible the full development of human potential; and (8) promote truly democratic political and economic decision making for local, regional, and multiregional needs”...
Fred Magdoff, Ecological Civilization | Envisioning a Post- Capitalist Order
Jordan Buckley: Guest commentary ... U.S. not demanding justice for Guatemalan genocide has been profoundly troubling. http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2011/sep/29/jordan-buckley-guest-commentary-us-not-demanding-j/
Filosofia Latina : Latin American Philosophy, A Latin American Philosophy of Race: The Phenomenological Deficit of Critical Theory and the Future of Liberation http://www.nythamar.com/latina.html


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