I have begun a petition to demand that President Obama return the Nobel Peace Prize, the awarding of which was a gross error. His continued warmongering in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and now Libya tells us that he has adopted the Bush Doctrine of permanent war. That such a person should hold the world's most prestigious peach prize is a cruel joke. Demanding the return of Obama's Nobel is a symbolic gesture, but such gestures can be a powerful means of expressing outrage.
You can sign that petition at the following link.




Islamophobia and War on Afghanistan

Deepa Kumar, Rutgers professor of media studies, analyzes the deliberate strategy for expanding the US empire by promoting fear and hatred of Islam. Event at New York University, Camera by Joe Friendly

US Imperialism and Oil Politics

US Imperialism and Oil Politics: Africa, the Middle East and Asia

Deepa Kumar and Lee Wengraf, Michael Schwartz, and Saadia Toor discussing US strategy to control world oil supply